Year 7 Admissions 2022

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September 2022 Entry

At the bottom of this page is a document showing the Key Dates for the Slough Consortium of Grammar Schools 11+ examination process for entry to Year 7 in September 2022. Our 2022 Determined Admissions Arrangements can also be found below.

School Allocations

Parents will be able to access their child's school allocation through their relevant local authority portal on Tuesday 1 March 2022

Parents who have been allocated a place at Herschel Grammar School will receive an email from the school with a formal offer. The email will contain further details of what parents should do to accept the place. 


If your child has not been offered a place in their preferred grammar school which you named on the common application form, you may appeal by using the online appeals form.  

Appeal Guidance for Parents and the online appeal form can be accessed from

The website will open on 1 March 2022.  Appeals must be lodged and supporting evidence returned to the Clerk by Wednesday 6 April 2022.

Slough Consortium 11+ Entrance Examination

Herschel Grammar School is part of the Slough Consortium of Grammar Schools with Langley Grammar School, St Bernard’s Catholic Grammar School and Upton Court Grammar School.  The Consortium operates a shared 11+ examination process with the four schools using the same examination papers and common eligibility criteria for selection.

The Slough Consortium Guide to the 11+ examination and Frequently Asked Questions document can be found at the end of this page. Details of the registration process for the 11+ examination for 2023 entry will be published on our website after 28th Feb 2022.

The usual Consortium 11+ Information Evening presentations normally held in early May did not take place in 2021 this year. Instead, there was a recorded presentation about the 11+ arrangements which can be accessed by following the link below:

All information and arrangements are subject to Government guidelines and restrictions and will be updated as details become available. 


Name Date  
KEY DATES 2022 ENTRY 1st March 2021 Download >
Slough Consortium of Grammar Schools Guide to the 11 test for entry in 2022 30th April 2021 Download >
FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS regarding Year 7 Admissions in September 2022 30th April 2021 Download >
HGS Determined Admissions Arrangements Sept 2022 Entry 13th October 2021 Download >
11+ for 2022 Entry - 2021 Statistics 15th October 2021 Download >
FAQs for Results - 2022 Entry 15th October 2021 Download >
Appeals Timetable 2022 Entry 28th February 2022 Download >
2021 Comprehension Familiarisation Sheet 4th May 2022 Download >
2021 Maths Familiarisation Sheet 4th May 2022 Download >
2021 NVR Familiarisation Sheet 4th May 2022 Download >
2021 Word Choice Familiarisation Sheet 4th May 2022 Download >
Slough Consortium Sept 2021 - Anonymised Results 4th May 2022 Download >
HGS pick up points times and prices 26th September 2022 Download >