Science KS3

 MG 0336a

Curriculum Overview

Year 7

  • Biology: Cells, Classification, Life processes, Reproduction and Keeping Healthy
  • Chemistry: Acids and alkalis, Particles and Separating techniques
  • Physics: Energy, Forces, Magnetism and Heat Transfer

Year 8

  • Biology: Life and Death, drugs, behaviour and disease
  • Chemistry: Atoms, mixtures and compounds, reactions of acids, rocks and metal displacement
  • Physics: Light and Sound, circuits and the Solar system

Year 9

  • Biology: Interdependence and the Environment
  • Chemistry: Chemical reactions and Displacement
  • Physics: Pressure, Moments, Speed and Space

We follow an accelerated Key Stage 3 course which is completed in just over two years.

Revision Websites

Enrichment Strategies

Name Date  
Enrichment strategies for Year 7 into Year 8 28th January 2015 Download >
Enrichment strategies for Year 8 into Year 9 28th January 2015 Download >