MG 0344a

Staff Contact Details

Mr G Soldi (Head of Faculty/Chemistry) 
Mrs L Lightfoot (Head of Biology) 
Mr P Fatania (Head of Physics) 
Mr A Abdar (Chemistry)
Miss R Church (Biology)
Mr David Brown (Physics)
Mr T Brown (Chemistry)
Mrs Shilpi Prasad  (Biology)
Miss E Firme (Physics)
Mr M Wright (Chemistry/Physics)

Miss E Wood (Biology)
  Miss Maria Khan (Biology)
  Mrs Pooja Kothari  (Biology)

Mrs Pooja Kothari (Biology) 



Department Overview

Soon after arriving at Herschel Grammar School pupils will have their first science lesson in the laboratories and will begin to become used to using scientific apparatus such as microscopes and Bunsen burners. Pupils are encouraged to find out things for themselves and carry out many of their own experiments. Emphasis is placed on the understanding and enjoyment of science, its importance in everyday life, and on learning how to work in a scientific way. Pupils can join Science Club and enter national competitions.

The Science Department is well equipped with a wide range of resources that includes computers with access to the Internet, data logging equipment, videos, films, posters and worksheets as well as apparatus. All pupils are issued with a text book which they need to bring to every lesson. Homework is set every week and often requires pupils to research topics for themselves.

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