Year 8

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Welcome to Year 8 Drama

This year you will be looking at a variety of topics including:

Term 1: DEVISED: Theatre In Education


DEVISED: Commedia Dell Arte

Click HERE to see a short film demonstrating the Commedia characters

Term 2: DEVISED: Ancient Greek Theatre 



“I had fun learning about the mask in this term and it was interesting to explore and experiment with the different types of masks.” – Mehak Chandel

“I liked using masks to perform because when we did this, we had to use our body and exaggerate more which was fun. I also like that we were able to forget who we were and pretend to be someone/something totally different and new.” – Kripa Shah 
Ancient Greek Theatre videos through The National Theatre

Term 3: DEVISED: Titanic

Name Date  
KS3 grading criteria 2016 onwards 1st August 2017 Download >