Design and Technology

Recognising the importance of design and manufacture in everyday life.   

Our Vision

We promote the value of design and making in people’s lives and in doing so provide enjoyment through creative expression. We enable this through a variety of projects that allow students to; create their own ideas, use their hands as well as CAD/CAM to make products, evaluate their work, take risks within a safe environment and to have fun. We help them to discover how to apply their learning from all other subjects (maths and science in particular) to real life situations. Students use a variety of design strategies, developing resilience and problem-solving skills (iterative design) whilst also understanding the importance of considering different people’s needs (user-centred design). We foster independence and individuality, developing responsible citizens who gain skills that they can transfer not only into the wider workplace, but also into the rest of their lives. Students leave the department ready to design their future and ours. 



Staff Contact Details

Mrs B Smith (Head of Faculty, Teacher of Design and Technology)

Mr P Nti (Teacher of Design and Technology)

Mr G Parsons (Teacher of Design and Technology/Assistant Head Teacher)

Mrs E Pether (Teacher of Design and Technology)

Mrs S Munnelly, Mrs S Reed, Mr B Smeath - Technicians